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International Engine of the Year 2013

Ford EcoBoost

Ford EcoBoost

Engine excellence

Ford, Fiat… as well as Ferrari and Porsche! The results of this year’s International Engine of the Year Award are an interesting mix of frugality and performance.

First-off, the overall winner, for the second year in a row, is Ford’s 1,0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder EcoBoost engine, the unit powering the Fiesta in Accelerate magazine’s June ‘Triple threat’ face-off. Turn to page 32 of this month’s issue to see how we found it in real-world conditions.

Among the other repeat winners in their segments are VW Group’s 1,4-litre TSI petrol (1,0- to 1,4-litre category); BMW and PSA Group’s 1,6-litre turbo petrol (1,4-litre to 1,8-litre category); BMW’s 2,0-litre turbo petrol (1,8-litre to 2,0-litre division) and Audi’s 2,5-litre turbo inline five-cylinder (2,0-litre to 2,5-litre section).

A new contender that went all the way this year is Fiat’s 0,8-litre two-cylinder turbocharged CNG engine, which got the Green Engine of the Year Award. GM’s 1,4-litre range extender, which won the category last year, had a dramatic fall from grace, dropping to 6th for 2013.

Best Performance Engine this year is Ferrari’s 6,3-litre V12, as used in the F12. The same unit displaced another Ferrari unit, the 458 V8, to take the honours for best engine over 4,0 litres.

Another winner this year was the Porsche Cayman/Boxster 2,7-litre flat-six, which displaced BMW to take the 2,5 to 3,0-litre class. McLaren’s 3,8-litre V8 won the 3,0 to 4,0-litre category, again displacing a BMW unit.

Ferrari V12

Ferrari V12

Porsche Boxster flat-6

Porsche Boxster flat-6

Porsche’s fast but frugal Panamera


Porsche has revealed its 2014 Panamera S E-Hybrid, a car that has made headlines with its claimed 3,1 l/100 km consumption and sub-100 g/km CO2 emissions figures. Despite those impressive green credentials, though, the E-Hybrid has some serious performance figures to its name, too, with 306 kW on tap.

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World Launch: Porsche Cayman

2703 Porsche Cayman 1

Coupé king

John Bentley

The esses on the Club Circuit at the Dubai Autodrome are made up of a tricky sequence of uphill left-right flicks that require serious curb hopping if you’re after a good laptime. And it’s that short 300-metre stretch of tar, edged by red and white concrete covered with tell-tale rubber scuff-marks, that illustrate the sheer brilliance of Porsche’s new Cayman.

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New GT3 poised to excite

0603 Porsche 911 GT3 1

The new Porsche GT3 will only be available with a PDK transmission, but fear not, as massive excitement is still the most important priority for this car. Yup, it’s still going to be as hardcore as ever despite not having the option of a manual cog-swapper.

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Journalist faces R1,7m bill

2009 Goodwood Festival Media Day

Mark Hales, a racing driver and motoring journalist, is faced with a R1,7-million bill after he accidentally blew up the engine of a replica Porsche 917 belonging to racing legend David Piper. Hales was sued by Piper after the incident and the judge in the high court found that  he had overrevved the engine, which is what caused its failure.

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