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Lambo unveils road-going racer

0503 Lamborghini Veneno 1

Lamborghini is 50 this year, and the Italian firm decided to celebrate with something rather special. Enter the Veneno, Lamborghini’s Aventador-based street-legal racer. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and boasts a whopping 552 kW. That’s a full 37 more than the Aventador.

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Lambo launches topless Aventador

3001 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 1

Lamborghini used Miami Airport to launch the Aventador Roadster, where five of the new cars sped down the airport’s runway at 338 km/h. Apt that an airport was used, as that speed exceeds the take-off speed of a passenger jet aeroplane, which is rated at 290 km/h.

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