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Next Enzo stuns Geneva

0503 Ferrari LaFerrari 1

Before everyone gets too excited about the McLaren P1, let’s not forget that the British sportscar firm’s main rival both on and off track, will always be there to throw a spanner in the works. This year’s Genenva fair was no different, and Ferrari had arguably the biggest star of the show on its stand: the rather stupidly named, but seriously hardcore, LaFerrari.

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Mega Mac stars at Geneva

0503 McLaren P1 1

Many a manufacturer has promised “Formula One for the road”, or “The best driver’s car ever”. Well, McLaren is making those promises with its P1 hypercar, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, only this time it looks like those promises might actually be true..

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Lambo unveils road-going racer

0503 Lamborghini Veneno 1

Lamborghini is 50 this year, and the Italian firm decided to celebrate with something rather special. Enter the Veneno, Lamborghini’s Aventador-based street-legal racer. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and boasts a whopping 552 kW. That’s a full 37 more than the Aventador.

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New Mega Mac pictures revealed

1602 McLaren P1 1

More images of the new McLaren hypercar, the P1, were revealed during a tour of the Middle East. These pictures, taken at the Bahrain International Circuit, come ahead of the car’s launch in the United Arab Emirates. The tour is aimed to attract potential buyers – no more than 500 P1s will be built, but the car is yet to sell out.

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Merc readies world’s hottest hatch

1502 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 1

Usually a story like this would include the words ‘claimed’, ‘supposedly’ or the like. However, this one’s a little different, because the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG will be the world’s most powerful production hot hatch ever built. Fact.

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Honda sketches Civic wagon

0702 Honda Civic Wagon 1

Honda has revealed the first official sketch of its Civic Wagon, which will be shown off in the metal (albeit in concept form) next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Although it may just be a concept, Honda says it hints strongly at what the production version of the car will look like.

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Suzuki shows production S-Cross

0702 Suzuki S-Cross 1

Suzuki has shown off the production version of the S-Cross ahead of its début at the Geneva Motor Show. Well, sort of. The image shown here is pretty dark, but it is clear that the production car has stayed true to the S-Cross concept that was shown in Paris last year.

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Toyota’s 86 to lose its head?

2014 Toyota GT 86 Convertible

Toyota has revealed a sketch of what a convertible version of the 86 might look like, and the car itself will be seen for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Although it has only been seen in sketch form so far, the Toyota FT-86 Open concept does preview possible future development of the award-winning car.

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Last-hurrah C63 AMG gets more power

0401 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 1

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new model to the C63 AMG range, namely the Edition 507. Named for the number of horsepower it delivers, the 507 punches out a massive 378 kW of grunt. The new car will make its début at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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McLaren releases official P1 testing images

3101 McLaren P1 1

McLaren has offered us a first look at what the production P1 hypercar will look like in these official testing pictures, although the car is still wearing a substantial amount of camouflage. It will be officially unveiled in production guise at the Geneva Motor Show, which is due to take place in March.

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