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New niche for BMW X4


Recent history in the motoring industry has shown that there are plenty of manufacturers willing to create new niches in the market and then develop cars to fill them. One of the worst offenders, or most innovative niche developers, depending on how you look at it, is BMW. Well, the German firm has done it again.

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3 Series gets GT treatment

0702 BMW 3 Series GT 1

BMW is giving the Gran Turismo thing another shot, this time with the 3 Series. Ignoring the fact that neither the 5 nor the new 3 Series GTs are actually GTs, it’s the first time BMW has added a model to the 3 Series range since the short-lived Compact was added in 1993.

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AMG chassis guru off to M

0602 Arnd Meyer goes to BMW M 1

Mercedes-Benz AMG has already lost one engineer this month, and now it seems that yet another AMG is leaving the company, this time to go to BMW’s M division. Arnd Meyer, the engineer that has overseen the chassis development of all recent AMG models, not least the SLS AMG Black Series, is heading to Munich to ply his trade.

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Launch Pad – BMW M6 Convertible

The power of M

Richard Macaskill

M. BMW reckons it’s the most powerful letter in the world. Motorsport is what it stands for in a BMW context, but there are so many more things it could mean. Mean, muscular, magical. Mastery. After having driven the new M6 Convertible, I’m pretty convinced M actually stands for the last word there. Mastery of power, mastery of style, mastery of dynamism. Mastery of all things motoring.

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Launch Pad – BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé

Sexy 6 spawned

Richard Macaskill

It’s about damn time BMW did something like this. The Mercedes-Benz CLS started the premium, big, four-door coupé segment way back in 2004. The Audi A7 Sportback followed in 2010, but up until BMW has been sitting this one out. That is, until the launch of the all-new 6 Series Gran Coupé, a four-door coupé aimed directly at the aforementioned rivals.

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