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New GT3 poised to excite

0603 Porsche 911 GT3 1

The new Porsche GT3 will only be available with a PDK transmission, but fear not, as massive excitement is still the most important priority for this car. Yup, it’s still going to be as hardcore as ever despite not having the option of a manual cog-swapper.

This is according to Andreas Preuninger, manager of Porsche’s high-performance cars. He also says that it will be as fast as the old GT3 RS 4.0, but more exciting to drive. Much of this excitement, Preuninger adds, is down to the new dual-clutch gearbox. “I like my 911s pure and hardcore,” he said. “I like to really work for my fun. The gearbox had be convinced within 150 metres – and you will be, too.” This comment was in response to concerns that the race-bred 911 might be watered down by the lack of a manual option.

Significant changes have been made to the ’box for the GT3, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, including shorter intermediate ratios, quicker and, of course, more aggressive changes, as well as not creeping forward when it is in gear. Inside, there have been revisions to the manual gearchange lever, so now one pushes away from them to change down and pulls the lever towards them to change up – this is opposite to standard PDK ’boxes. It is, however, more logical when one thinks that the natural motion when braking is to go forward and the natural motion when accelerating is to go backwards. The control also has a shorter, more precise action.

“This decision is not just about performance,” said Preuninger. “We wanted the most emotional car with the most driver involvement we could produce, because nobody needs a GT3. What we’ve ended up with is a system that feels like a full-on racecar sequential transmission. We honestly believe that there’s nothing a traditional manual gearbox can give you that this PDK can’t.”

The steering has also been tweaked. Preuninger reckons the 991’s electromechanical power-assisted system has as much feel and feedback as that GT3 RS 4.0. Clearly Porsche is expecting big things from its new GT3, and we can’t wait to find out if it delivers.

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