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World record drive in Fiat Panda

1102 World Record Drive in Fiat Panda 1

When you think of traversing Afrifca, you think of Kingsley Holgate and his Land Rovers, not so? Well, think again. Two world record were recently broken by a pair of British drivers that drove from Cape Town to London in none other than a Fiat Panda TwinAir.

Yup, Philip Young and Paul Brace mastered the 16 600 km journey in just ten days, 13 hours and 28 minutes, smashing the previous record of 14 days, 19 hours and 26 minutes. Not only did the duo claim that record, though, but also broke a previous record for an any-direction run between London and Cape Town, which stood at 11 days, 14 hours and 11 minutes.

The trip started on 1 February and Young and Brace managed to cover more than an average of 1 600 km a day in the little Fiat. They also became the first people to cross the new land border between Sudan and Egypt, and also the first people to drive the 1 600 km across the top of Libya. These routes are usually closed due to the high risk of terrorist attacks, but were opened specifically for the pair.

And how did the Fiat fare? Young said it was “great to drive… the two cylinder engine has run perfectly. It’s great at overtaking and weaving through heavy traffic so the average speed can be kept up.”

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