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Toyota 86 goes racing

0602 Toyota 86 GT4 1

Pictured here is the Toyota 86 GT4 racecar, which will begin its testing programme soon ahead of its entry into the European GT4 champiuonship, which starts in May. The car has been built by specialists GPRM and features a specially developed version of the standard car’s 2,0-litre boxer-four motor.

According to GPRM boss Gary Blackham, the engine, which was designed and built by Nicholas McLaren, “will be capable of between 360 and 400 bhp”, which equates to around 270 to 300 kW. Aside from the fun factor of driving an 86 with up to 300 kW, it’s also said to be a “cost-efficient endtry-level endurance car”.

One order has already been placed and GPRM is in talks with another team that’s keen to get hold of one for the British GT Championship. Toyota did make it very clear that the car is not a works one, although Toyota Great Britain will offer technical support.

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