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Toyota’s 86 to lose its head?

2014 Toyota GT 86 Convertible

Toyota has revealed a sketch of what a convertible version of the 86 might look like, and the car itself will be seen for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Although it has only been seen in sketch form so far, the Toyota FT-86 Open concept does preview possible future development of the award-winning car.

The Geneva show is where Toyota will gauge public reaction to the model, however, it will continue with testing a prototype at the same time regardless. The 86 is a car that we might see several variants of, as Toyota will be keen to capitalise on the world’s positive reaction to the car.

It has already been confirmed that a convertible 86 is “technically feasible” by Toyota’s 86 project engineer, Tetsuya Tada. “Technically feasible” is one thing, but it is also almost certain that a convertible version of the popular sportscar will be a hit. In fact, it’s so likely to be a success that we might see it on sale as early as 2014.

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