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Last-hurrah C63 AMG gets more power

0401 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 1

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new model to the C63 AMG range, namely the Edition 507. Named for the number of horsepower it delivers, the 507 punches out a massive 378 kW of grunt. The new car will make its début at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The Edition 507 will be offered in all three C63 body styles, which are sedan, estate and coupé. A number of upgrades have been made to the standard car’s 6,2-litre atmo V8, and many of these changes are courtesy of the SLS AMG. And if you want to get your hands on the 6,2-litre C63 AMG, this is probably your last chance, with a 4,0-litre bi-turbo engine undergoing development to power the next C63.

On top of the whopping 42 kW power hike, torque has also been ever so slightly increased   by ten Newton metres to 610. These new outputs cut 0,2 seconds of the 507’s 0-100 km/h sprint, which is now 4,2 seconds in the sedan and coupé models and 4,3 seconds in the estate variant. Top speed in all three is pegged at 280 km/h, which is the same as a standard C63 AMG equipped with the AMG Driver’s Package.

There are a few other changes that make the 507 stand out, including the aluminium bonnet with cooling scoops á là C63 AMG Black Series and gloss black finish for the spoilers, wing mirrors, grille and daytime running light surrounds. As an option, a Magno Platinum paintjob is available, while inside you get an alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and contrasting stitching.

lightweight 19-inch alloys also find their way onto the Edition 507, wrapped in 235/35R19 rubber up front and 255/30R19 rubber at the rear. These hide the red brake calipers of the high-performance composite brakes, which are indeed standard on the 507.

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