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McLaren releases official P1 testing images

3101 McLaren P1 1

McLaren has offered us a first look at what the production P1 hypercar will look like in these official testing pictures, although the car is still wearing a substantial amount of camouflage. It will be officially unveiled in production guise at the Geneva Motor Show, which is due to take place in March.

Unfortunately, details are pretty skimp at the moment. The only thing McLaren has revealed about the car is that “a remarkable vehicle is emerging” from the development process. What can be seen, despite the camo, is that the P1 has stayed true to the concept that was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last year. In fact, sources close to the design development of the car reckon that the concept is “more than 95%” accurate to the production version.

More sources have revealed that the P1’s power will come from a modified version of the MP4-12C’s twin-turbo V8 motor, but it will also be mated to an F1-type KERS system, for a total power output of 537 kW. It’ll be light, too, making for an impressive power-to-weight ration of around 450 kW per tonne.

But before you start comparing that with the likes of the Bugatti Veyron or the SSC Ultimate Aero, bear in mind that McLaren has said that it’s not interested in creating the fastest car in the world. No, instead the team is keen to make “the best driver’s car in the world”.

Keen to take it for a spin? Sadly, you’ll have to travel for that: McLaren also confirmed that it will only be left-hand drive, which means we won’t be seeing any in South Africa.

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