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Ecclestone to buy the ‘Ring?

We recently brought you news on the Nürburgring filing for bankruptcy, and now it seems one of the richest and most influential men in motorsport may be the track’s saving grace. A recent report suggests that the motorsport mogul is looking into buying the embattled circuit.

In an interview, Ecclestone said he would not talk about the price he is willing to pay for the Nürburgring, but did confirm that he refused to organise the German Grand Prix, which is held at the iconic track every second year, at his own expense. He also admitted he would not forego the sanctioning fee for 2013.

Ecclestone is not the ‘Ring’s only chance of survival though. After entering the insolvency process last week, another option is a management buyout, with the track’s debts far exceeding its value at this stage in time. On the positive side, Nürbirgring Automotive GmbH’s chief, Jorg Linder, commented that the management team has “developed a concept for the Formula One race at the Nürburgring that does not require a cash grant from the state.”

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