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Nürburgring broke

In sad news for the motoring world, the Nürburgring public racetrack has been denied a bailout equal to around R130 million, which would have secured the track’s future for at least six months. The Green Hell, as it is known, will now file for bankruptcy.

The Green Hell’s debts are hellish in themselves and amount to approximately R4.2 billion. The track has been making a loss for years now and the biennial Formula One German Grand Prix, shared each alternative year with Hockenheim, is now an uncertainty for 2103.

On top of the races that are held there, including the historic 24 Hours of Nürburgring, the track is key to so many manufacturers in the development of their cars. Where else the sort of testing the Nürburgring provides could be done is unknown at this stage and if the track does go down the drain it would be a serious loss not only to motor racing or the public who use it, but to carmakers as well. We might even see manufacturers club together to keep the place open, but that is purely hypothetical at this stage.

Reinhold Schüssler, the mayor of Nürburg, said, “The whole of Nürburg lives off the ‘Ring. Now the regeion itself might go down the drain.” The Nürburgring was opened in 1927, but sadly might not survive to see its 100-year, or even its 90-year anniversary.

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